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Anaconda’s Booth Workshops:

Dates: April 20-22

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Speaking Sessions:

Dates: April 19- 23

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Built upon the original open-source PyScript project, PyScript.com enables anyone to build rich, interactive, shareable Python-powered web applications directly in the browser. Now, any user, whether they’re working on older hardware or the latest models, has access to an expressive, easy-to-learn platform to instantly build and deploy web apps.

Key features include:

⭐ Publish & share an unlimited number of applications

⭐ Build & execute in the browser

⭐ Live preview to immediately see code changes

⭐ Easy-to-use tools & learning resources

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We have lots of ways for you to win big at PyCon this year!*

  • Anaconda T-Shirt

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  • PyScript Hoodie

    Sign up for the Founders edition of PyScript – get a super cool PyScript hoodie! Available to the first 50 founders. Sign Up!
  • Anaconda Yeti Cup

    Sign up for Anaconda Starter – get an Anaconda YETI lowball. Available to the first 50 subscribers. (psst! use code PYCONUS to get 1 month free!). Sign Up!

*To collect one of these prizes, you must come to our booth at PyCon US, April 20-22, 2023. If you would like to be one of the first 50 participants for the PyScript hoodie or the Anaconda Yeti, you need to subscribe to the respective links above and show us confirmation at the booth or screenshot and send us an email confirmation at [email protected]. For a limited time while supplies last.

Just for stopping by our booth you will also get entered to win an exclusive edition of LEGO The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell ($499.99 value).

Just for stopping by our booth you will also get entered to win an exclusive edition of LEGO The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell ($499.99 value).


Access these helpful resources to better prepare you for your Python journey!

Webinar: Machine Learning Modeling and Avoiding the Multiverse of Failures

Webinar: NLP Models for the Rest of Us

Course: Introduction to Data Visualization with Python

(Check out all of our courses here. Use code: PYCONUS to get free access to all of our on-demand courses for 30 days when you check out with Anaconda Starter!)

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