Modern Open Source Analytics Powered by Python 

Anaconda empowers the entire Data Science team – Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Developers, DevOps, Data Engineers, and Business Analysts – to analyze data in Hadoop and deliver high value, high impact predictive and machine learning solutions with Python.

Make Python on Hadoop easy as 1-2-3

  • Install Anaconda on a CDH cluster
  • Build and run Python based solutions easily across a Cloudera CDH cluster and alongside PySpark jobs

Leverage Anaconda for Distributed Data Science on Cloudera

  • Give your Data Scientists the most popular Python packages they know and love
  • Empower your Data Science team to explore, build and deploy predictive models

Transition to Enterprise to Get Full Power of Anaconda

  • Dynamically manage multiple Python environments alongside a CDH cluster
  • Get security, authentication and many other enterprise requirements with the paid Anaconda Workgroup and Anaconda Enterprise subscriptions
  • Read our blog on Getting the Most Out of Anaconda for Your Cluster.

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