AI for Financial Services

While AI can bring significant benefits to the financial world, there also are a number of risk and regulatory precautions to consider.

In this webinarAnaconda Director of Technical Consulting Michael Grant will be joined by Full Spectrum Analytics Co-Founder Hussain Sultan for an in-depth look at the emerging role of AI in financial services. They’ll discuss the legal considerations unique to the financial industry, and examine real-world examples of how AI is being used for monitoring, credit modeling, and combating fraud.

Meet Our Speakers

  • Michael Grant
    Director of Technical Consulting, Anaconda

    Michael is a computational mathematician specializing in optimization, signal processing, and simulation, and a contributor in classroom, research, and commercial settings. He assists clients in the development of advanced Python data science applications using Anaconda Distribution. As a recognized subject matter expert in convex optimization, Michael’s open source modeling tools for optimization have twice been recognized with awards from the International Society for Mathematical Programming.

    Prior to joining Anaconda, Michael served as a consulting assistant professor in the Information Systems Laboratory, a research associate in the Department of Energy Resources Engineering at Stanford University, and a staff scientist in the Department of Applied and Computational Mathematics at the California Institute of Technology.

    Michael received a PhD and MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin.
  • Hussain Sultan
    Partner, Full Spectrum Analytics

    Hussain has a decade of consumer financial services and e-commerce experience, and is a leader in computational Python development and data science enablement. As Partner and Co-Founder of Full Spectrum Analytics, Hussain works with Financial Services clients to build AI-enabled products and capabilities for the sake of managing businesses at scale. Hussain is passionate about open-source software and leverages modern, cloud-native technologies to deliver enterprise-ready solutions.

    Prior to co-founding Full Spectrum, Hussain worked at Capital One, where he led the development of the company’s Forecasting and Experimentation platform, as well as the conversion from legacy SAS and SQL analytical tools to a Python and cloud-based environment.
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