Webinar: Making Reproducible Conda-based Projects

Wednesday, May 19 at 2pm EDT/11am PDT

Everyone knows how good Conda is at providing you a development environment for your Python projects, but how do you capture what you created when you're ready to share it or save it? How can you collaborate with others on it, publish a specific version of it, archive a snapshot of the project for posterity, or deploy a live running server with your code?

In each of these cases, you need not just an environment but also a project: a Conda environment coupled closely with a set of commands that can execute in that environment. This webinar will show you why it is essential to capture reproducible projects and how you can use Conda to do it.

Meet Our Speaker

  • Albert DeFusco | Data Scientist at Anaconda

    Albert DeFusco is a Data Scientist at Anaconda, where he works closely with product managers and developers to deliver high-quality products for our users. He regularly contributes to open-source packages and has led training courses at financial and scientific firms on topics including machine learning and big data processing.

    Prior to joining Anaconda, Albert completed a PhD in theoretical chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh, where he studied the quantum mechanic interactions between water molecules. He went on to become a Research Professor and Technical Director of the Center for Simulation and Modeling at the University of Pittsburgh.
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