Getting Started with Machine Learning with scikit-learn

Embrace machine learning to drive your business forward

Machine learning—the algorithmic extraction of knowledge from data—is becoming increasingly ubiquitous in the business world. If you’re looking to get started, join us for a webinar that will introduce you to the art of machine learning using scikit-learn.

Anaconda Senior Software Engineer and Data Science Trainer, David Mertz, PhD, will demonstrate:

  • Common machine learning terminology and problem settings
  • The scikit-learn estimator and transformer APIs
  • Integration of data preparation techniques for machine learning
  • A workflow for setting up and evaluating machine learning systems

Meet Our Speaker

  • David Mertz, Senior Software Engineer and Trainer

    David was a Director of the PSF for six years and remains chair of its Trademarks Committee, chair of its Outreach & Education Committee, and co-chair of the PSF/NumFOCUS Scientific Python joint working group. Prior to joining Anaconda, David worked for eight years with D. E. Shaw Research, the folks who built the world's fastest, highly-specialized (down to the ASICs and network layer) supercomputer for performing molecular dynamics.

    He has written columns Charming Python and XML Matters for IBM developerWorks, short books for O'Reilly, and the Addison-Wesley book Text Processing in Python. He has spoken at multiple OSCons and PyCons and was invited to be a keynote speaker at PyCon-India, PyCon-UK, PyCon-ZA, PyCon Belarus, PyCon Cuba, and PyData SF.

    David is pleased to find Python becoming the default high-level language for most scientific computing projects.
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