Webinar: Flexible Monitoring Apps in Python

Now Available On-demand

Learn how to make Python-backed data science and monitoring apps without programming! The new Lumen tool from Anaconda makes it easy for you to create custom monitoring apps for your servers, REST APIs, and other data sources, giving you overviews of whatever you need to keep tabs on (ML models, processing jobs, websites, etc.) from a simple text configuration file.

Meet Our Speaker

  • Philipp Rudiger | Sr. Software Engineer at Anaconda

    A long-term veteran at Anaconda, Philipp Rudiger is a Senior Software Engineer developing open-source and client-specific solutions for data management, visualization and analysis. He is the author of the open-source dashboarding and visualization libraries Panel, hvPlot and GeoViews and one of the core developers of Bokeh and HoloViews.

    Before making the switch to software development, he completed a PhD and Masters in Computational Neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh working on biologically inspired, deep and recurrent neural network models of the visual system.
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