Webinar: Common Pitfalls in Using Cloud Object Storage

As more data scientists move their work to the cloud, they discover that cloud object storage works differently than traditional file storage on their laptop or desktop. Object storage services like Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage can often be a source of frustration and surprise expenses for new users.

In this on-demand webinar, we’ll go over the most common pitfalls encountered when using object stores.
Join us to learn:
  • Best practices for organizing data in cloud storage
  • Tips for getting the best I/O performance
  • How to minimize the costs associated with cloud storage

Meet Our Speaker

  • Martin Durant | Software Engineer at Anaconda

    A former astrophysicist, Martin has worked in multiple academic positions, including medical imaging research. After this, Martin became a data scientist, and has since been working for Anaconda for five years. In open source, he is a member of the Dask, Intake, Streamz and Zarr maintenance teams, with specialisms in data access, remote filesystems and data formats.

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