Webinar: Deploying Machine Learning to Apple Devices with coremltools

Date: Wednesday, May 12th 
Time: 11am PDT/2pm EDT
Machine learning has gone beyond the data center and is now being deployed to the devices we carry with us every day. It is becoming increasingly important for data scientists to understand how to prepare models for use on mobile devices and wearables.
In this webinar, we will show you how to use the open source coremltools project to convert your Python models to Apple's Core ML format, enabling them to be used on everything from Apple watches to desktop computers. We will work through several examples and discuss tips and tricks to make working with Core ML from Python easier.

Meet Our Speaker

  • STAN SEIBERT | Sr. Director, Community Innovation at Anaconda

    Stan leads the Community Innovation team at Anaconda, where his work focuses on high-performance GPU computing and designing data analysis, simulation and processing pipelines. He is a longtime advocate of the use of Python and GPU computing for research. Prior to joining Anaconda, Stan served as Chief Data Scientist at Mobi, where he worked on vehicle fleet tracking and route planning.

    Stan received a PhD in experimental high energy physics from the University of Texas at Austin, and performed research at Los Alamos National Laboratory, University of Pennsylvania and the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory.

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