Bridging the Gap Between Data Science and IT

Envision a world where data scientists can easily and regularly deploy AI and machine learning projects into production, quickly delivering insights into the hands of decision-makers. How would that impact your business?

Learn how developers, data scientists and IT professionals can access cutting edge technologies and use their preferred tools and packages without sacrificing governance and compliance.

Join us for this on-demand webinar as we discuss:
  • Quick and easy notebook collaboration with versioning and access control
  • One-click portable and reproducible data science deployments
  • Governance of data science assets via an on-premises package repository
  • How containerized deployment systems make publishing a Python-backed dashboard as simple as hitting the “Deploy” button

Meet Our Speakers


    Dr. Jim Bednar leads the PyViz group at Anaconda, working with commercial and government clients to improve Python software for visualizing and analyzing large and complex datasets. Dr. Bednar holds an M.A. and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Texas, along with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Philosophy. He has published more than 50 papers and books about the visual system and about software development. Dr. Bednar manages the open source Python projects PyViz, Panel, Datashader, HoloViews, GeoViews, Param, Colorcet, and ImaGen. Before Anaconda, Dr. Bednar was a faculty member in Informatics for ten years at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

    Hassam Mian is a Sales Engineer at Anaconda where he works with commercial and Government clients to gain value through implementing their open-source data science workflows. He has a strong background in Python, R, and SAS, and has helped clients throughout the data and analytic lifecycle on a wide variety of use cases. Hassam has a passion for championing open source and is keen to help customers achieve their analytical goals.
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